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      1. About Us

        The story of how Snappy came to be.

        A Brief History Of HostGator.com

        HostGator is a global provider of web hosting and related services.

        Founded in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley, HostGator has grown into a leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated web hosting. HostGator is headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, with several international offices throughout the globe.

        A Snappy Timeline

        • October 22, 2002

          HostGator Founded

          In a Florida dorm room, HostGator's founder Brent Oxley weighs the pros and cons of naming his company either hostgator.com or gatorhost.com, ultimately choosing the former and registering the domain on October 22, 2002.

        • users
          February 1, 2003

          The First 100 Customers

          As of February 1st, 2003, HostGator had 112 active customers. On the same date, one year later, there would be 1,031 active customers.

        • June 29, 2006

          Toronto, Ontario Office Opens

          Canada, being a much more fertile ground for System Admins than Boca Raton, resulted in the opening of HostGator's first international office. Oh, Canada!

        • November 1, 2006

          Relocating From Boca Raton To Houston

          Having outgrown the initial 2,000 square foot office space, and exhausted the local Boca Raton talent pool from which to hire employees, HostGator moved to a 25,000 square foot building in Houston, Texas. Forty of the fifty Florida employees made the move to Texas, where HostGator has remained ever since.

        • May 4, 2007

          blog.hostgator.com Publishes Its First Post

          The HostGator blog published its first post, aptly titled "Welcome to Gator Crossing," on May 4th, 2007. "Gator Crossing" remains the official name of the blog to this day.

        • May 23, 2007

          HostGator Opens An Office In Brazil

          Expanding its International reach, HostGator opens another office in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, being our first South of the equator office!

        • September 10, 2009

          200,000 Customers

          The first 100,000 customers were reached around the middle of 2008, with the second hundred thousand occurring in September of 2009.

        • Austin office opened
          August 16th, 2010

          Austin Office Opened

          Having outgrown the initial Houston office, HostGator again looked West and expanded into a new 100,000 square foot office in Austin, Texas.

        • HG support
          February 2, 2011

          500 Employees

          As of February, HostGator now has over 500 employees. And we've virtually never stopped hiring since!

        • November 29, 2011

          5,000,000th LiveChat

          On November 29th, 2011 at 9:21:23 CST, HostGator received our 5,000,000th LiveChat.

        • EIG logo
          June 21, 2012

          EIG Acquisition

          On June 21, 2012, Brent Oxley announced that HostGator was being acquired by Endurance International Group.

        • May 15, 2014

          HostGator China & HostGator Russia Open

          HostGator stretches its global reach with localized, in-language offerings for Chinese and Russian customers.

        • February 1, 2015

          HostGator Mexico Begins Operations

          HostGator broadens Spanish-speaking support with the launch of hostgator.mx.

        • wordpress launch tablet
          July 8, 2015

          Managed WordPress Hosting Launch

          Having been a recommended WordPress partner for years, it was about time we launched our own managed WordPress offering!

        • October 05, 2019

          The Day You Apply To HostGator!

          HostGator is seeking dedicated and motivated employees looking for a career in customer service / technical support.

          See Open Positions!