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        HostGator Welcomes Coverage
        By The Press And Media.

        HostGator Press & Media

        HostGator is a leading provider of web hosting and related services.

        Founded in a Florida dorm room in 2002, HostGator is now headquartered in Houston and Austin, Texas, with several international offices located throughout the globe. A subsidiary of the Endurance International Group, HostGator provides its full range of web hosting services, including domain registrations and web design, to a customer base that runs the gamut from hobbyists up through Fortune 500 companies.

        HostGator Quick Facts

        Founded: 2002
        Offices: Houston, TX | Austin, TX
        Employees: Hundreds!
        Customers: World-Wide base of shared, reseller, vps, and dedicated customers. Customers range from technology veterans to people starting their first web site.

        Press & Media Information

        Media Contact

        Media Contact

        Kristen Andrews

        Email: press@hostgator.com

        Phone: +1 781.482.5809

        Contact Us
        Media Kit

        Media Kit

        This media kit has been assembled to be used by press, partners, and others who require graphics to promote HostGator.com

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        We have received numerous awards in our five plus years of providing exceptional web hosting service.

        View Our Awards

        HostGator Press Releases

        HostGator welcomes coverage by the press and media. Our media relations team is available to serve members of the media and assist them in covering and reporting on HostGator.


        July 24, 2017

        HostGator Launches Upgraded Dedicated Server Platform


        March 9, 2016

        ResellerClub to Offer HostGator Shared Hosting


        July 8, 2015

        HostGator Launches Optimized WP

        May 27, 2015

        HostGator Integrates MOJO Marketplace Into QuickInstall

        May 5, 2015

        HostGator Celebrates National Small Business Week


        June 19, 2014

        Endurance Brands HostGator and Bluehost to Sponsor Yet Another Perl Conference

        May 15, 2014

        HostGator Launches Offerings in Russia and China


        June 2, 2011

        HostGator Steps up Hiring Austin

        May 20, 2011

        Web host HostGator Launches Unlimited Shared Windows Hosting...

        May 18, 2011

        Web Host HostGator Increases Bandwidth on Dedicated Servers to...


        November 13, 2010

        HostGator Named Best Customer Service of 2010

        November 12, 2010

        HostGator Partners with LogicBoxes

        September 28, 2010

        HostGator and CloudFlare Partner for Improved Security

        June 30, 2010

        HostGator Teams Up with Joe Nemechek Racing

        February 9, 2010

        HostGator Works to Maximize Total Number of Green Servers


        August 12, 2009

        iContact and HostGator Partner to Offer Services to Small and Medium-sized Businesses

        June 13, 2009

        Host Gator Enters the World of Tattoo Advertising

        January 14, 2009

        HostGator Offers Toll Free Numbers to Business Customers at No Cost


        October 26, 2008

        HostGator Upgrades Shared Plans to Offer Unlimited Space and Bandwidth and Begins Offering SSL Certificates with Select Shared Plans

        September 24, 2008

        1.3 Million Web Sites Now Powered by Texas Wind

        January 28, 2008

        HostGator Celebrates Success with Year-End Giving


        December 20, 2007

        HostGator Offers 4,500 Free Web Templates to Webmasters

        October 29, 2007

        Host Gator Adds Free WHMCS Billing Software for Reseller and Dedicated Hosting Customers

        August 30, 2007

        SEO Hosting Adds Twelve Free Search Engine Optimization Scripts

        June 8, 2007

        Web Hosting Provider Host Gator Moves Headquarters to Houston, Texas and Launches Company Blog


        October 11, 2006

        Host Gator Partners with Soholaunch to Offer Website Creation Software for Resellers and Clients

        June 5, 2006

        Host Gator Adds Free WHMCS Billing Software for Reseller and Dedicated Hosting Customers

        June 29, 2006

        HostGator Web Host Expands and Opens Canadian Office

        April 16, 2006

        Host Gator's Top 1,000 Resellers Average 49.5 Hosted Web Sites